Nov 03

The 10 Best Cat Breeds For People With Allergies

Whilst there is no true hypoallergenic breed of cat, some cats may be less allergenic than others.

In people with cat allergies, the major causative allergen is a protein called Fel d1, which is found in cat’s saliva and deposited on their skin and hair during grooming. This protein is also found in the skin, the anal sacs, and secretions from their eyes. Cats can shed this protein with their fur wherever they move such as onto bedding, couches, carpet etc.

Although there are breeds that produce less allergens, and therefore are better choices for allergy sufferers, it’s important to note that different individual cats produce and shed differing amounts of allergen and there is no easy way to test for this.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the top breeds to investigate for people with allergies:

  1. Balinese
  2. Cornish Rex
  3. Devon Rex
  4. Siberian
  5. Sphynx
  6. Bengal
  7. Oriental short haired cats
  8. Javanese
  9. Russian Blue
  10. Burmese

Good news for cat loving cat allergy sufferers is that there are treatments available. One of these are allergy shots (routine injections of allergens that can result in tolerance to cats over time) which are more likely to be successful for those allergic to cats than those who are allergic to dogs.

Other things you can do are:

  • Rinse your cat thoroughly once weekly to reduce the level of surface antigen (there is no proof that this is of benefit, but some sufferers swear by it)
  • Use air filters and keep home well ventilated
  • Consider use of an outdoor cat run in conjunction with the home
  • Remove carpets
  • Wash bedding weekly
  • Wash hands straight after handling your cat

Before adopting or purchasing your forever cat always spend some quality time with them so you know what you’re in for and if your allergies are triggered upfront, before bringing them into their life long home.

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