7 ways to help your pooch with noise phobias and anxiety

Posted by Dr Claire Jenkins on Nov 17, 2015 1:27:08 PM
Dr Claire Jenkins

Our vets have started to put together a little list of all the things we recommend when it comes to helping our clients fur babies with anxiety and noise phobias. We hope by sharing this that it just might help your anxious pet too! 

1. Provide a safe spot: Watch your dog during a storm- is there a place or room they like to hide in? This is where they feel safest and would be the best area to confine them in. Confining them somewhere where they don’t feel safe can lead to increased anxiety, fear, and injury.

2. Desensitise: This aims to reduce your pups sensitivity to the sound. Try a noise recording CD or even some type of white noise when they are calm, starting low and slowly increase the volume with time. Reward your pooch with treats or petting when they are showing signs of confidence and noise tolerance.

3. Counter conditioning: Sounds complicated but it’s really not, basically you are trying to do something that your pooch loves (car ride anyone?) at the time of the storm or noisy event so that they start to associate the storm with positive feelings.

4. Pheromones: A mimic of the happy dog pheromone known as dog appeasing pheromone. Available as collars or diffusers, these can really help calm many dogs.

5. Peppermint extract: It’s claimed that the intense smell is so distracting to the dog that they can’t focus on anything else! Be careful though, peppermint oil (and many other essential oils) can be toxic at high doses causing gut upset and even neurological signs. Only the extract and 1 drop on each paw pad.

6. Garments: Products like a thunder shirt. They apply gentle, constant pressure to a stressed dog that is shown to be calming similar to swaddling an infant.

7. Veterinary advice: Having a dog that suffers from a noise phobia or anxiety can be all be too overwhelming- and in some cases these guys need prescription medication to help. Seek veterinary advice to get an action plan in place for your fur baby, neither of you should suffer through a storm.

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