Let’s vet together

When our fur babies are sick, we’re often left guessing instead of acting confidently. Nine times out of ten, we also expect to wait: for the vet, for time off, for things to get better. But what if you could chat to a vet in those early moments when you’re feeling unsure?

That’s exactly why we exist: to make trusted, credible vet care easier to access for all pets and parents, as soon as you need it.

Nobody knows your fur baby better than you do, so we examine and monitor your pup in all their favourite places – wherever you are. We listen closely while you chat, then work together to get to the bottom of what’s happening while they snuggle by your side.

Our qualified online vets are pet-parents too, so our advice is always clear and actionable. We pass it on so you can take the lead, but we’ll stay by your side as long as you need us.

We want to be truly timely and helpful: the vet you always chat with first. Because by helping our fur babies much earlier together, we can all do more for our pets than ever before.

Claire is a life-long animal lover, devout admirer of her gorgeous Kelpie ‘Red’, experienced Veterinarian and a passionate problem solver based in Sydney.

Having spent the past 15 years caring for animals as a neighbourhood vet in Melbourne, Sydney and the United Kingdom, Claire has experienced firsthand the cost of delayed or incorrect pet advice, both here and around the world.

That’s why she created Vetchat. A pet-first, people-friendly online service that empowers parents to help their fur babies in the moment, with help from real vets.

Her mission is to empower pet owners for every pet to live their best life, every day.


BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (SAM). Co-founder & CEO of vetchat

Our Values

1. Fur babies and pet-parents come first.

We have the utmost respect for our pet parents and are committed to doing what’s best for your pets. It’s why we created Vetchat in the first place. We take the stress out of not knowing what decision to make for your pet, and provide easy access to trusted answers, so you always know what to do.

Personality: We are … Loving, upbeat, always by your side.

Pet personality: We are … A loyal Kelpie.

2. Happy pets, happy vets

We saw the need for pre-clinic vet care first hand – not just after hours, but all hours. Because by helping our pets in those early, potentially critical moments, we can now do more for our pets than ever before.  

Personality: We are … Confident, brave, fearless innovators.

Pet personality: We are … An agile Abyssinian.

3. Walking together is way more fun.

Here at Vetchat, we make flexibility a priority: not just at work, but by fitting into our pet-parents’ lives. We play together as a team, collaborate to solve problems and stay connected, even though we’re remote.

Personality: We are … Friendly, collaborative, accepting of everyone.

Pet personality: We are … A smiley Golden Retriever.

4. Real conversations aren’t clinical.

We may be real vets, but we’re also real people. So we keep clinical speak to a minimum in order to be truly helpful. We listen intently and explain things in ways that our pet-parents easily understand. Conversations create closeness and allow for mutual understanding. Which is why we’re open and honest with each other, always.

Personality: We are … Honest, authentic, genuinely helpful.

Pet personality: We are … A purring, cuddly kitty.

5. Everyone can be taught new tricks.

With the right kind of guidance, anything is possible. We help pet-parents with our veterinary expertise, but their input is equally invaluable to us. We lead them through the process, enable them with know-how and support them with a detailed plan of attack. And by listening and learning from one another, we can do more for our pets than ever before.

Personality: We are … Guiding, watchful, always alert.

Pet personality: We are … A clever Border Collie.

Our Vets

Dr Karen Wong

BVSc- Veterinarian

Karen is our Tassie-based vet. She has nine years of experience as a small animal veterinarian and graduated from the University of Sydney in 2009.

She’s passionate about behavioural medicine, as well as Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) for small animals. She’s currently studying for her ECC Membership in between consults.

Karen ran her own vet clinic for five years and now prefers the life of a freelance vet. Myrtle (her 4yo Vizsla cross) and Bexley (her 7yo Domestic Medium Hair kitty) are her adoring fur babies.

Dr Elizabeth Shaw

BVSc (Hons) - Veterinarian

Dr Liz has been working as a small animal veterinarian in Brisbane since graduating with honours from the University of Queensland in 2012.

She enjoys helping people and their pets and loves seeing the close bond between them. Liz has a special interest in small animal surgery and is currently studying for her membership exams to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

Liz is married with two fur-babies, Maisy and Niko, both rescued Ragdoll cats. In her spare time, she enjoys bushwalking and pilates.

Dr Fiona Turner

BVSc - Veterinarian

Fiona is a small animal veterinarian who works in Melbourne. She has been immersed in the veterinary profession from a very young age as her father is a vet and she often accompanied him on his visits to horse patients from when she was just three years old.

Fiona is also a blogger and produces online veterinary content helping to provide valuable and reliable information and support through Vetchat.

She is passionate about strengthening the bond between humans and animals and providing all pet owners with the right information so they can care for their pet in the best way possible.

Fiona has three children; one fur baby Lenno (the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross who snores more loudly than her husband) and two little human children who also keep her very busy.