How much are emergency trips to the vet?

Posted by Vetchat on Nov 23, 2018 1:23:21 PM

Not even helicopter parenting can avoid these. Put simply, they happen and need to be factored into your pet parenting budget.emergency_vet_chat_online_dog

No matter how low-maintenance your pet is (or laidback your parenting style), the reality is that emergency vet visits happen. You can’t plan for them either, which is why they’re so expensive.

Pet insurance can help protect you from a huge one-off bill, depending on your chosen cover. And while they mightn’t be a regular thing on your calendar, at least now when they do catch you, you’ll know what to expect.  

Emergency vet costs

  • Emergency consult: Approx. $250 to see the vet. Any treatment or medication is additional. (Vets will quote as per case, but can’t predict exactly what’s needed. At least half is required upfront in most emergency clinics.)
  • Vetchat consult: $39 (chat) or $79 (video).

Feeling unsure you need emergency care? Don't wait, you can check with us first.

Pooch’s ballpark emergency visit
TOTAL: ~$500
Kitty’s ballpark emergency visit
TOTAL: ~$400
The Ballpark Cost Series
So how did we arrive at these totals? And what other costs come with caring for a pet?
Read the Vetchat Ballpark Cost Series. It goes into detail on the price of buying a pet upfront, the things you’ll need to pay for in the first year, plus ongoing expenses like pet food, vet visits and grooming.

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