Tips to help keep your kitty cool

Posted by Dr Claire Jenkins on Oct 2, 2015 7:50:59 AM
Dr Claire Jenkins

Tips to help keep your kitty cool:

  1. Ensure they have a cool, shady area outside and when it's hot it’s ideal to bring them indoors with air conditioning and /or fans
  2. Multiple large bowls of fresh, cool water- you can add some ice cubes in the morning
  3. No play time in the hottest part of the day
  4. Avoid rides in the car but if you can't make sure the air conditioner is on and its cool prior to getting in. Never leave them unattended. A wet towel over their cage helps.
  5. For a cool cat treat place a little dry food in an ice cube tray fill with water, then freeze. Voila!

Share and take care of your pets on hot days. Heat stroke is easily prevented.

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