Why does dog urine cause brown grass?

Posted by Dr Claire Jenkins on Dec 20, 2016 8:38:11 AM
Dr Claire Jenkins


All dog lovers surely have experience with brown patches of grass over the lawn in their dog’s favourite pee spots, but do you know why it happens?

Well, the answer is Nitrogen. Nitrogen that is excreted by the kidney into the pee, burns grass. The more protein eaten, the more nitrogen excreted. The more your pooch goes in the same spot, the more the grass is damaged. Some varieties of grass are also likely more susceptible than others.

What can you do about it? Nothing. Well, you can run around with a water bucket and dilute the urine where your pooch christened the ground, but that’s about all that will help. Some products that can be bought over the counter claim to acidify or alkalinise their urine to stop the burn of grass, but they don’t work well (or, at all), and can actually be damaging to their health.

Some yellow or brown patches on the lawn is just part and parcel of having a dog, and with all the benefits that having a pooch brings, really, who cares?!!!

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