Mar 01
dog and cat eating poo

Why Does My Pet Eat Their Poop?

Whilst very disagreeable to us, many dogs and cats will eat their own (or others) poop.

So why do they do it?

Well popular belief is that it indicates there’s something lacking in the diet, but there’s actually no scientific data at all to back that up, and from my own experience very healthy dogs and cats can do this, on virtually any diet!

Young pets are usually more indiscriminate eaters and are more likely to do this than older ones.

It can just be a habit, a sign of a large appetite, or even just that they’re bored.

There’s a small chance that it’s a sign that something’s amiss, so if your pet is doing this and they have lost weight or are underweight, are vomiting, have unusual faeces, have had a change in their appetite, or you’re unsure they’re on a complete diet – Veterinary advice should be sought as soon as possible.

About The Author

Claire is a QLD graduate with 19 years experience as a neighbourhood Veterinarian in Australia and the UK. Animal lover and the founder of VetChat, born from a passion to help pet carers everywhere access trusted advice earlier, for healthier, happier pets. Grateful to be carer to her beautiful Red-dog.