My pet has fleas, how do I get rid of them?

Posted by Dr Claire Jenkins on Aug 12, 2015 6:13:41 PM
Dr Claire Jenkins

Fleas are simply everywhere, and they don't discriminate. 

They are annoying to both dogs and cats, and in the case the pet is allergic to the bite of the flea, a single bite can trigger them to be extremely itchy and get painful sores on their skin.

Fleas jump long distances and can get to your pet from another animal or from the soil or grass. They are prolific breeders and one female adult flea can lay around 50 eggs per day – this means a couple of fleas feeding on your best bud can turn into scores of them very quickly!

So, getting rid of fleas depends upon killing both the fleas on your pet AND in the environment.

There are a variety of topical or oral products that are very effective at ridding your pet of fleas. You should use them all year round and treat all your pets at home. You need to wash all your buds bedding and use the good old vacuum cleaner for the floors of the house (tip: be sure to empty the vacuum bag as well- eggs can hatch in here!)

Cautionary note: you must use cat products for cats and dog products for dogs.

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