Aug 12
dog eating chocolate

My Dog Ate My Chocolate Stash

Dogs love chocolate and any opportunity that chocolate is left around within reach, chances are it will be gobbled straight up. Unfortunately, chocolate is toxic to dogs.

It’s the theobromine and caffeine in chocolate that is toxic to dogs, the amounts of these toxins differ in the type of chocolate that’s eaten. They’re highest in dark or cooking chocolate, less in milk and white has negligible amounts. As little as 20g of cooking chocolate can cause upset for a 10kg dog.

Common symptoms of chocolate toxicity include:

• Vomiting
• Tummy pain
• Hyperactivity or agitation

Potentially progressing to:
• Tremors
• Seizures
• Abnormal heart rhythms
• Sadly, even death

If your dog has just eaten chocolate, you speak to a Vet as soon as possible ready to describe the type and amount of chocolate eaten. When it comes to eating a toxic amount, the sooner decontamination, treatment and supportive care can be started the better the outcome for your best friend.

About The Author

Claire is a QLD graduate with 19 years experience as a neighbourhood Veterinarian in Australia and the UK. Animal lover and the founder of VetChat, born from a passion to help pet carers everywhere access trusted advice earlier, for healthier, happier pets. Grateful to be carer to her beautiful Red-dog.


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